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XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Floor Washer Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Self Cleaning Wet&Dry Home Smart Scrubber With Pulling Force Mopping [VAC]

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Floor Washer Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Self Cleaning Wet&Dry Home Smart Scrubber With Pulling Force Mopping [VAC]

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SKU:1005006173846150-Cordless Scrubber-EU

Plug Type


Brand Name: MIJIA

Function: Sweep Suction

Origin: Mainland China

Power (W): 200w

Voltage (V): 100-240V

Weight: 6-10 kg

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless

LCD: Yes

Dust Storage Type: Aqua filter

Battery Life: 30-59 min

Installation: Hand Held

Size(mm): 250*250*1100mm

Number of operating modes: 1-2

Number of nozzles: 1-3 nozzles

Cord Length (m): WireLess

Cleaning Route: Random Type

Certification: CE

Liquid tank volume: >3l

Battery Type: Li-ion

Turbo Brush: YES

Weight : 6-10 kg Number of nozzles : 1-3 nozzles Number of operating modes : 1-2 Battery Type : Li-ion Liquid tank volume : >3l Turbo Brush : YES Size(mm) : 250*250*1100mm Battery Life : 30-59 min LCD : Yes Cleaning Route : Random Type Bag Or Bagless : Bagless Cord Length (m) : Wireless Dust Storage Type : Aqua filter Installation : Hand Held Certification : CE Voltage (V) : 100-240V Power (W) : 200w Function : Sweep Suction Brand Name : XIAOMI Origin : Mainland China

XIAOMI MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Mops

*Innovative crawler roller brush, larger cleaning area and stronger cleaning power.

*Vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing in one, it can clean dry and wet garbage.

*Extends 180 to reach under sofas, beds and under tables and chairs for cleaning.

*Separate solid waste and liquid waste, making it easier to dump waste.

*The clean water can automatically clean the roller brush when mopping the floor, and the roller brush is always kept clean.

*Three cleaning modes for daily cleaning, bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

*3700mAh large capacity battery, long battery life.

*Intelligent deep cleaning roller brush, the host will automatically charge after returning to the charging base.

*Easy to clean wall edges and corners, the shape of the roller brush is more suitable for cleaning wall edges, narrow gaps, right angles of stairs.

*The innovative tracked roller brush is less prone to entanglement of pet hair and hair, eliminating the need to manually clean the roller brush.

Product Model: B302CN
Rated Voltage: 21.6V
Rated Power: 200W
Charging Voltage: 26.0V
Waterproof Grade: IPX4
Net Weight of Washing Machine: About 5.4kg
Scrubber Size: 250*250*1100mm
Product Color: White

Cleaning Base

Product Model: B302CN-JZ
Rated Input: 26.0V- 0.9A
Rated Output: 26.0V - 0.9A


The edge and corner of the wall can be cleaned, and it can be cleaned once, without repeated cleaning.

Large area cleaning and strong cleaning ability.

Innovative tracked roller brush with full coverage drag method.

The area in contact with the ground is three times higher than the cylindrical drum brush, which can quickly remove stains.

Crawler: the contact area can be increased by three times.


Cylindrical: the ground contact area is approximately 28c ㎡.

Vacuum, suction, and flushing can be used simultaneously.

When the crawler rolling brush cleans forward, the vacuum, wiping, and scrubbing rolling brushes come off simultaneously, and the cleaning work is completed in one go.

Dry and damp garbage is easy to remove.

Able to clean wall edges and various corners.

The left and right sides of the roller brush can be cleaned directly along the wall corners, and stains on the walls and corners can be easily and completely cleaned.


There is no need to help the machine find the correct angle to clean the wall edges, and the shape of the roller brush can be better suited for cleaning corners.

Hair is not easy to hang on the roller, and there is no need to manually clean the hair on the roller brush.

The tracked curling brush has a longer coverage area, and even pet hair that is 25 centimeters long is not easily entangled by the curling brush.

Expandable 180, easy to clean the bottom of the sofa and bed.

Hyperplane can be expanded and flattened.


The body has a built-in water and air isolation fan.


After the entire robot is completely flat, the sewage will not enter the fan.


It can extend to a space as low as 12 centimeters to clean the bottom of sofas and beds, under the table and chair.


Cleanliness is no longer limited by space, and cleanliness is better.

The scrubber itself has a trajectory that is difficult to use.

The traction force is forward, the working direction is freely and flexibly rotated, and there is no need to bend to clean, making the entire room easy to clean.

Digital LED display screen, simple and clear.

LED digital display screen displays the cleaning status in real-time, and voice broadcasting prompts operation instructions in real-time.


Simple and convenient operation.

Intelligent recognition of soil depth.

Automatic adjustment of pumping and output in automatic mode, effectively extending battery life and improving cleaning efficiency.

Schematic diagram of intelligent mode cleaning scheme.

Roller brush can clean the floor when wiping it.

The clean water automatically cleans the drum brush, and the sewage is automatically recycled, so roller brushes can be used to keep the ground clean.

Intelligent deep automatic cleaning roller brush, no need for manual cleaning.

The host can automatically charge when returning to the cleaning base, or use a key to activate deep self-cleaning mode, while automatically adjusting the cleaning frequency based on the soil depth, wipe the brush dry.

Large battery capacity and long battery life.

The Nameplate capacity is 3700mAh, and the battery life is 35 minutes.


Large capacity clean and dirty water tanks, it is not necessary to add clean water and sewage frequently.

Three cleaning modes.

Automatic mode: Intelligent adjustment, daily cleaning.

Power mode: Clean kitchen oil.

Water absorption mode: Clean standing water on the bathroom floor.

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