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XIAOMI Memory Card 2TB Micro TF SD Card 1TB Class10 High Speed 512GB128GB Cartao De Memoria Data Storage For Phone/Camera/Games [CAR]

XIAOMI Memory Card 2TB Micro TF SD Card 1TB Class10 High Speed 512GB128GB Cartao De Memoria Data Storage For Phone/Camera/Games [CAR]

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Compatible Model 1: High Speed Flash TF SD Card for samsung

Compatible Model 2: High Capacity Memory Micro TF/SD Card 64GB

Capacity: 1TB 2TB 512GB 256GB 128GB 64GB 32GB 16GB SD Card

Feature 2: For XIAOMI Memory Card

Feature 3: Memory card for smartphone table PC

Feature 4: Games Accessoriesfor car camera dash cam xiaomi

Feature 5: Memory cards for android phone

Feature 6: Memory cards for canon camera

Feature 7: Mobile phone,Camera,Monitoring

Feature 8: For huawei Memory Card

Features 12: for phone/computer/Camera Gift phone Adapter

Features 13: Tarjeta SD Micro 128gb for iphone 11 128gb

Features 14: Carte SD for hikvision

Features 15: Micro Tarjeta SD for sandisk

Features 17: for Samart phone Table PC drone Game Monitor gamecube

Highlight1: High Capacity Memory Micro TF/SD Card 128gb

Highlight2: for sanDisk Micro TF sD Memory CardTF/sDCard

Brand Name: XIAOMI

Model Number: XIAOMI SD card

Gyro: Suitable for car camera dash cam

Max Speed: for sony ultra Micro TF sd Card

Communication method: GPRS

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: none

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Xiaomi SD Card 2TB Class10 Sd Card 1TB High Capacity SD Card Memory Card TF Card Smart SD Card 1TB SD Card Memory Card 128GB SDCard 512GB 256GB 64GB 32GB SD Card High Speed Camera Flash Memory SD Card Flash Card For Camera/Phone Mini SD Card Expanded Data Storage for Android Smartphones Tablets

Main functions:

1. Wide compatibility: Compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras, GoPro/action cameras, laptops, desktop computers, SLRs, drones, Nintendo Switch/other portable consoles, etc.

2. High quality storage: Ideal for high resolution photos, for recording and storing Full HD/4K video and any other data type

3. Super high speed: reading speed 70-100 mb/s. The write speed is 15-30 mb/s (depending on the memory size). UHS, U3, Class 10 and A2 speed ratings for the best smartphone experience

4. Durable: shockproof, IPX6 waterproof, temperature resistance (-10 ° to 80 °), X-ray and antimagnetic

5. About capacity:

16GB = about 14GB-15GB

32GB = approx. 28GB-30GB

64GB = about 58GB-60GB

128GB = about 116GB-120GB

256GB = about 220GB-240GB

512GB = about 450GB-480GB

1TB = approximately 980GB-1000GB

This is the calculated difference between the manufacturer and our computer, please Google "Memory Card Capacity" for more information.


1. Regular formatting of the memory card can extend the life and storage space, while better protecting privacy.

2. Please do not use cheap card reader to test the storage card, poor quality card reader will reduce the speed of the storage card.


Please don't use cheap card readers to test SD cards, speed of  SD cards will be reduced by low quality card readers.

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