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Original XIAOMI MIJIA Handheld Garment Steamer Iron Steam Cleaner for Cloth Home Electric Hanging Mite Removal Steamer Garment [VAC]

Original XIAOMI MIJIA Handheld Garment Steamer Iron Steam Cleaner for Cloth Home Electric Hanging Mite Removal Steamer Garment [VAC]

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Plug Type


Brand Name: XIAOMI

Voltage (V): 220V

Temperature Gear: Single Gear

Origin: Mainland China

Classification: Steam brush

Power (W): 1200W

Choice: yes

Quick ironing in 30 seconds

Removable large water tank, can iron 6 shirts

Supercharged steam to dry, remove pleats and keep clothes from getting wet

Basic parameters:

Rated Power:1200W

Water tank material: PC

ProductDimensions:175x92x215mm(including water tank)

Lining panel material: aluminum die-cast secondary vaporization panel, ceramic sleeve coating

Package contents:Mijia HandheldGarment Steamer X 1/Water tank x 1/Glove (single) x 1/Special cleaning brush for woodengarments X 1/User manual X 1

Mi handheld garment steamer:Supercharged high-pressure steam for quick wrinkle removal

Boosting Hight steam output,99.9% Sterilization and mite elimination rate, 30 seconds Quick preheating.

All-season gaements can beironed Convenient for travel easy to store

Using professional micro-boosting technology:It has strong impact and long spray distance, and can directly target deep wrinkles in clothing to achieve more efficient wrinkle removal.

Wrinkle removal by garment:teaming, flat ironing, and shaping Easily handle all-season garments Combining a professional steamer and a standing garment steamer in one, it provides versatile wrinkle removal and simple operation

Secondary heating panel:Wrinkle removal without wetting clothes A high-temperature panel at130°C re-vaporizes any remaining liquid water, ensuring fine and delicate steam that protects garments from getting wet. The ceramic enamel coating provides a smooth and durable surface that does not snag or pull threads.

No fabric preference, covering all bases Taking care of your all-season garments:Delicate steam permeates the clothes, properly caring for various fabrics, allowing you to confidently entrust your beloved garments to it.

High-temperature sterilization and mite elimination rate of up to 99.9%:Protecting the cleanliness of the entire family's garments Through the combined action of boosted steam and high-temperature panel,ensuring that the high temperature softens the fabric fibers from the outside in, effectively sterilizing and eliminating mites, and guaranteeing clean and healthy garments.

Exquisite and elegant, no need to wait long:

1200W high power, rapid preheating, takes only the time to pick up th clothes to quickly generate saturated steam. At the same time, it reduces continuous damage to clothes caused by high temperatures.

One-time water filling:Efficiently ironing family's clothes before going out160mL detachable water tank, capable of ironing up to 6 shirts at a time Optimized water absorption structure solves the issue of steam shortage during flat ironing, leaving no residual water.

A blessing for lazy people One-button steam control, use it instantly with a press

5° inclined body Makes ironing effortless

Compact and portable desktop vertical design, convenient to carry along wherever you go:Exquisitely compact, takes up minimal space for home storage. Easy to fit into luggage for business trips or travel, making it convenient to carry without any burden.

6-layer safety protection Enhancing the ironing experience

More considerate details Comprehensive garment care during ironing:Insulating silicone High-temperature resistance Safer operation

Special cleaning brush for woolen garments Effectively removes dust and lint from clothes

The materials are: water tank material: PC; boiler material: aluminum die-casting; ironing panel material: aluminum die-casting secondary vaporization panel, ceramic glaze coating

Instructions for use

How to use the Mijia handheld garment steamer:

1. Add waterto the water tank: open the water tank cover, add anappropriate amount of water, and then close the water tankcover (make sure the cover is tight, otherwise water willoverflow);

2. Water tank installation: According to the mark on the watertank, install the water tank filled with water to the rear of thehost;

3. Start up: After the installation is completed, insert thepower plug into the socket that meets the productrequirements, turn on the power and turn on the machine;4. Heating: After turning on, the garment steamer starts toheat, and the indicator light flashes for about 30 secondsAfter heating to the set temperature, the indicator light stayson and you can start using it.


Do not pull out the plug directly when using the garment steamer. This may damage the plug of the garment steamer!

You should turn off the power first and then unplug it! Also, don’t use it for too long each time, no more than 7 minutes!

This product is an electronic product, Please pay attention to the following matters when using it, otherwise it may

cause product failure fire or explosion:

1. Please do not hit or bend this product:

2. Keep away from fire, high temperature and humid environment;

3. Please do not expose to the sun for a long time

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