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New XIAOMI MIJIA Self Cleaning Sweeping Robot 2 Sweeping and Dragging Integrated Machine Vacuum and Dragging Machine [VAC]

New XIAOMI MIJIA Self Cleaning Sweeping Robot 2 Sweeping and Dragging Integrated Machine Vacuum and Dragging Machine [VAC]

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Plug Type


Brand Name: XIAOMI

Function: Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Origin: Mainland China

Power (W): 55W

Voltage (V): 100-240V

Remote Control: No

Special Suction Nozzle: Multifunctional Combined Brush

Filter Type: HEPA

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless


Dust Storage Type: Dust Box/Dust Bucket

Battery Life: 2 hours

Installation: Robot

Timing Reservation: Yes

Cleaning Route: Planned Type

Certification: ce

Turbo Brush: YES

model: Mi Jia Clean Free Sweeping Robot 2

function: Mop broom

Battery type: lithium battery

Charging mode: Automatic recharge

Voltage: 220V

Do you have a remote control: no

Cleaning the route: Planning type

lcd: without

Water tank type: Electric control water tank

Additional features: APP controlled area cleaning and fixed point cleaning remote control

Navigation Type: Laser navigation

Fuselage clean water tank capacity: Above 200ml

There is no virtual wall: Yes

Collision protection: Mechanical collision

Smart type: Other Intelligence

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Dust bin capacity: 0.43L

Maximum noise: 65-72dB

Maximum height: 42cm

Battery life: 2 hours

Sweeper type: Self-cleaning

Cleaning mode: Suction port+rolling brush type

Virtual wall type: APP virtual wall

Mopping method: Rotating mopping

Electrical base station function: Automatic cleaning cloth charging

Obstacle avoidance method: 3DTOF obstacle avoidance

Turbo Brush : YES Filter Type : HEPA Battery Life : 2 hours LCD : No Cleaning Route : Planned Type Bag Or Bagless : Bagless Timing Reservation : Yes Remote Control : No Special Suction Nozzle : Multifunctional Combined Brush Dust Storage Type : Dust Box Installation : Robot Certification : ce Voltage (V) : 100-240V Power (W) : 55W Function : Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type Brand Name : MIUI Origin : Mainland China model : Mi Jia Clean Free Sweeping Robot 2 function : Mop broom Battery type : lithium battery Charging mode : Automatic recharge Voltage : 220V Do you have a remote control : no Cleaning the route : Planning type lcd : without Water tank type : Electric control water tank Additional features : APP controlled area cleaning and fixed point cleaning remote control Navigation Type : Laser navigation Fuselage clean water tank capacity : Above 200ml There is no virtual wall : Yes Collision protection : Mechanical collision Smart type : Other Intelligence Battery capacity : 5200mAh Dust bin capacity : 0.43L Maximum noise : 65-72dB Maximum height : 42cm Battery life : 2 hours Sweeper type : Self-cleaning Cleaning mode : Suction port+rolling brush type Virtual wall type : APP virtual wall Mopping method : Rotating mopping Electrical base station function : Automatic cleaning cloth charging Obstacle avoidance method : 3DTOF obstacle avoidance

Xiaomi Mijia Self Cleaning Vacuum Robot Mop 2 Features:

*5000pa surging fan
*LDS laser navigation, the layout of the whole house, know it in your heart
*Sweep, suck, drag, and wash in one, intelligent cleaning, time-saving and labor-saving, deep cleansing, and a new look
*Automatic cleaning, no hand washing, intelligent backwash mop
*Separation design of cleaning and drainage tank
*Double mops rotate and pressurize to mop the floor, and rotate at high speed to clean the mop. The mop is clean so that it can be dragged cleanly.
*The mop is automatically raised and lowered to avoid secondary pollution
*4L large-capacity clear water tank, don't always worry about water shortage
*Anti-fall, no fear of stairs and steps...OTA upgrade
*5200mAh large-capacity battery---clean and long battery life
*The Mijia APP is remotely controlled, so it can be easily cleaned even if you are not at home

Package list

Host x1
Base x1
Dust box x1
Filter x1 (installed on the dust box)
Main brush x1
Main brush cover x1
Mop holder x2
Mop x2 (installed on the mop bracket)
Side brush x1
Clear water tank x1
Sewage tank x1
Cleaning rack x1
Power cord x1
Manual x1


Xiaomi Mijia Self Cleaning Vacuum Robot Mop 2

A four-in-one cleaning assistant for sweeping, sucking, dragging and washing

Intelligent cleaning, saving time and effort

Hand-free automatic cleaning----Intelligent backwashing mop

Only when you wash it clean can you drag it clean----High-speed rotating cleaning mop

Deep clean, new look

Easy grip stubborn stains---Double mop rotating wipe the floor

Floor to avoid secondary pollution---Automatic lifting of back washing mop

Dust and hair are all done---5000Pa surging fan

A dig is open, hands do not touch dust---430mL large capacity dust box

Environmental Perception, Everything

Global Planning Flexible Shuttle
Laser navigation obstacle avoidance sensor

Wisdom linkage, clean can
Whole house linkage Intelligent cleaning Mijia APP small love speaker

Addressing cleaning anxiety

wash-free mop is sun-free, save worry and effort

Smart backwash tow in
No need to wash by hand, too lazy to bereasonable

Every cleaning area will automatically return to the base for cleaning, avoiding dirty mop to wipe the whole house, the floor will be clean and refreshing, and the mood will be more comfortable.

High-speed rotary cleaning tow Mop clean, to mop clean

The cleaning rack adopts a bi-tri-axial design, the mop is scraped and washed at high speed, and there is a low-noise room temperature air-drying scheme to accelerate moisture volatilization to avoid bacteria growth, and there is no need to wash by hand and dry. 2 kinds of cleaning mode free choice, to meet different cleaning needs.

Removable cleaning rack
The detachable design of the cleaning rack makes it easy to take out and clean, avoid the accumulation of stains, prevent the growth of bacteria, clean every week, and double the cleanliness

4L large capacity clean water tank *

Don't always worry about water shortage.

4L large capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently. Waste tank support

Overflow reminder, when the water level reaches the alert, APP push reminder to prevent overflow.

closed base
lsolate dust, avoid dust accumulation,and facilitate subsequent cleaning

Official floor cleaner can be added Quantitative addition, deep cleaning

Join the official floor cleaner, quickly disintegrate stains, the antibacterial rate of the cleaner is 99.9 *, and cooperate with the machine to efficiently complete the deep cleaning of the whole house.

Say goodbye to dirt and dust

Suction, sweep and drag are integrated, and it is enough to clean the ground.

Double mop rotating wipe the floor Realize "cleaning" to take home

Double disc thick mop, 180 to 1 minute * high-speed rotation, two pieces of mop close together, efficient wipe off the ground stains.

Automatic lifting of mop Avoid secondary pollution

Equipped with intelligent lifting mop, automatic lifting when cleaning dirty mop back to the base, to avoid secondary pollution to the ground.

5000Pa surging fan *Sweep large and small dust

Equipped with 5000Pa surging fan, quiet, standard, strong, super four-gear suction can be adjusted, no fear of large particles and small dust, cleaning easier.

Dust box snap-on design A dig is open, hands do not touch dust

EPA11 dust box filter screen, high precision filter dust, avoid secondary pollution.

Upgrade the sweep before drag mode so sweet, use it wel

The cleaning experience is upgraded again, supporting four sweeping and dragging modes and four-gear suction selection, adjusting on demand, and easily coping with different cleaning needs.

Intelligent planning of cleaning path;How to clean, it knows

The use of bow-shaped path planning, cleaning area coverage more complete, while reducing the phenomenon of leakage, greatly improving the efficiency of the whole house cleaning.

Clever clean not buckwheat bump

Understand planning, know how to avoid

LDS laser navigation,The layout of the whole house is clear to the heart.

Drawing, quickly build maps, build a whole house layout, accurately plan cleaning paths, and improve cleaning efficiency.

Laser obstacle avoidance sensor Flexible shuttle, advance and retreat

The fuselage is equipped with laser obstacle avoidance sensor, and LDS laser navigation senses obstacles to reduce collision and stuck in the cleaning process.

Mijia APP Remote Control

It's easy to clean without being at home.

When you go out, you can start the cleaning task remotely by opening the Mijia APP. It also supports customized functions such as scheduled cleaning and forbidden zone setting, and you can master the floor cleaning.

Intelligent device linkage Open the whole house intelligent interaction

Connecting Mijia APP, it can be linked with millet intelligent devices such as door locks and air purifiers. lt can automatically clean and open the air purifier after leaving home. More intelligent experiences are waiting for you to explore.

Small love speaker language control

The whole house is clean, in a word

Support and small love speaker linkage, just a "small love students start cleaning, the elderly and children can easily interact.

The details are controlled and considerate

Mijia disposable sweeping and towing robot 2 parameters

Product name: Smart vacuum cleaner
Host size: 350x350x103.5mm
Rated voltage: 14.4V=--
Net weight of the host: 3.85kg
Host model: C101
Rated power: 55W
Charging voltage: 20V---

Base model: C101JZ
Rated input: 100V-240V~50/60Hz
Power (charging + air-drying): 31W
Base size: 402x428x420mm
Rated output: 20V---1.8A
Power (cleaning state): 19W

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