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Auto Plastic Restorer Back To Black Gloss Car Cleaning Products Auto Polish And Repair Coating Renovator For Car Detailing [CAR] [DTL]

Auto Plastic Restorer Back To Black Gloss Car Cleaning Products Auto Polish And Repair Coating Renovator For Car Detailing [CAR] [DTL]

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Function 1: car cleaning products

Function 2: interior spare parts

Function 3: liquid leather for repair

Function 4: car plastics renovator

Function 5: Liquid leather

Function 6: car parts

Function 7: car interior care

Function 8: leather repair kit

Function 9: Car maintenance

Function 10: car plastic revitalizer

Function 11: plastic restore agent

Function 12: plastic refreshing car

Function 13: car accesorries

Function 14: plastic repair kit

Function 15: plastic restorer car

Function 16: Cleaner Refurbishment Liquid Car Spray

Function 17: Car Cleaner Spray Accessories

Function 18: Car Plastic Leather Restorer

Function 19: Black Shine for auto

Function 20: Auto Plastic Rubber Repair

Function 21: Car plastic repairman

Function 22: Plastic renovator for car

Function 23: Car plastic restoration agent

Function 24: Plastic restorer

Function 25: Clean Restore Gloss for car

Function 26: Leather finish

Function 27: Car plastic restorer

Function 28: Car plastic repair

Function 29: Leather restoration

Function 30: detailing car products

Function 31: car interior dry cleaning

Function 32: car plastic refurbishing

Function 33: car plastic polish

Function 34: Auto Plastic Rubber Repair

Function 35: Black Shine for auto

Function 36: Car Rubber Curing Agent

Function 37: Auto Plastic Leather

Function 38: Car Interior Cleaner

Function 39: detailing car products

Function 40: interior spare parts

Special Features: polish for plastic

Brand Name: mling

Item Type: Leather & Upholstery Cleaner

Item Weight: 108

Material Type: Liquid plastic

Item Volume: 30ML/100ML/200ML/300ML

Origin: Mainland China


Warm prompt, the degree of luster depends on the amount of this product. If you need more luster, please increase the amount or repeat this product once

more to achieve the desired effect

product details:

Removes light oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film with ease

Protects against further deterioration caused by sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals and airborne contaminants

Cleans and protects exterior trim of all color. Restores automotive trim

Brings back that like-new color


Just spray and wipe. Slowly wiping with a towel can moisturize more fully and have a better effect.

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