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5.3 Ah 14.8V Li-ion Battery for iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 Series 555 560 580 620 630 650 760 770 780 790 870 880 R3 [HAP]

5.3 Ah 14.8V Li-ion Battery for iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 Series 555 560 580 620 630 650 760 770 780 790 870 880 R3 [HAP]

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Brand Name: Sparkole

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: RO14-LI53-B-SP

Vacuum Part Type: Replacement Batteries

Type: Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Type: Lithium-ion Battery

Capacity: 5300 mAh

Voltage: 14.8V (compatible with 14.4V)

Power: 78.44Wh

Weight: 518g/18.27oz/1.14lb

Battery Dimension: 138*45*43mm /5.43*1.77*1.69inch

Model: For Roomba 500 600 700 800 series

Certificate: RoHS, CE

Color: Black/Green

lifetime: 1000 cycles at remain 70%-80% capacity

Self-discharge: less than 1% per month

Warranty: 35 days money back, one year warranty

Here is the friendly reminder for you:

For customers in Canary Islands/Balearic Islands of Spain, whose zip code is 35000-35999/38000-38999/07000-07999.Please choose the shipment from Spain,but the shipment is not free.Please contact us before paying. Thank you.

SPARKOLE 5300mAh 14.8V Li-ion Battery for iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 Series 520 530 531 550 555 560 580 620 630 631 650  695 760 770 780 790 870 880 R3 (CE Approval)

Sparkole Battery Advantages

- Perfect fit for iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 series.
- Built-in over protection circuits provide safety and reliability from fire and explosion
- Longer operating time with 5 times longer battery life, Li-ion power cells remain at 70% capacity after 1000 cycles
- No memory effect + only 1% per month of low rate of self-discharge
Technical Specification 
Battery Capacity: 5300mAh
Battery Voltage: 14.8 V  (compatible with 14.4V)
Battery Power: 78.44Wh
Battery Type: Li-ion 
Max. Discharging rate: 20A
Color: Black
Battery Dimension: 138*45*43mm / 5.43*1.77*1.69inch
Battery Weight: 481g
Package Included 
1* Sparkole 14.8V 5300mAh Li-ion battery
1* Instruction Manual
1* Warranty card

Compatible P/N.:


Compatible with:

For iRobot Roomba 500 series :500  510 516  520  521  525  530  531  532  533  534  535  536  540  545  550  551  552  555  560  561    562  563  564  565  570  580  581  585  590  595  599
For iRobot Roomba 600 series :600  605  610  615  620  625  630  631  632  635  645  650  651  652  653  654  655  660  665  670  671  675  677  680  685  691  694
For iRobot Roomba 700 series :760  761  765   770  774  775  780  785  790  R3
For iRobot Roomba 800 series :805  850  861  864  866  870  871  880  891  894  and other 500 - 800 series models not listed (not compatible with 690)

Great compatibility

New chemistry of Lithium-ion battery (NMC)

More powerful and reliable up to 5300mAh/78.44Wh

Fit for roomba 500, 600, 700, 800 series

Remarkable Induration

SPARKOLE Li-ion Battery can up to 1000 cycles,Provides longer running time up to 2~4.5 Hours for iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner.

Save money by using a li-ion battery (1000 cycles, 1 Li-ion = 5 NiMH/NiCd Batteries)

Lasts longer life than original and all aftermarket Ni-MH replacement batteries

Fully compatible with the original charger

Ultra High Capacity

The battery capacity of SPARKOLE'S are higher 2300mAh than the Original's

Safety and Reliability

Built-in Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-voltage,Over-current,and Over-temperature protection circuit, No Memory Effect. To take away the risk of fire.

Qualified Cells with NMC Technology , with Patented PCB Balancing Technology.

Money Saver - What You Pay and Get 

1000 cycle times means Sparkole Battery can support 2 years for daily usage

200 cycle times of other brands Ni-MH battery may only work for few months

Common charging Errors and solution:

1 Blink or Charging Error One

1 Blink error message means the battery is not connected yet. You will probably need to unscrew the battery cover and check to see if anything is obstructing the battery contact points. Check to confirm the battery is placed correctly and the yellow battery pull tab has been removed. You might need to scrape the contacts with a knife to really get the crud/carbon off so the metal can make proper contact.

2 Blinks or Charging Error Two

This “charging error 2” means your Roomba has charging error and it may need to cool at least one hour. The Roomba will also need to fully charged in an AC environment to make sure it doesn’t overheat once again.

3 Blinks or Charging Error Three

This error says that the Roomba has a charging error, which can be solved by resetting it and recharging it.

5 Blinks or Charging Error Five

This “Roomba has a charging error” message can be solved in many ways. One way is to remove the pull tab fully from the vacuum and also by resetting the Roomba and charging it fully until the clean light turns green.

6 Blinks or Charging Error Six

When you see this charging error, it means that the Roomba battery has overheated. This can be solved by letting it charge in an AC environment or by letting it cool off for about one hour.

7 Blinks or Charging Error Seven

The seventh charging error you will see says that the battery on the Roomba is not properly cooling off. If you let the vacuum charge in a cooler environment and let it cool off for an hour and it still overheats, it is likely faulty and will need to be replaced.

8 Blinks or Charging Error Eight

The Roomba is unable to create contact with the Lithium-Ion battery. The battery may be damaged or just need replacement. It often appears on 690 or 900 series.

9 Blinks or Charging Error Nine

Similar to Charging Error 8, and the same solution the Lithium-Ion battery may need replacement.


1. Why the battery only work less than one hour?
Answer: For a new battery, it is not fully charged, please charge the battery fully, after several cycles, its working time will be longer, up to 2-4 hours.
2. How long does it ship to my address?
Answer: For Russian customers, it will take 2-10 days to most cities from Russian warehouse, and it will take about 25 days to Moscow if you choose from China.
For Spanish customers, it will take about 1-7 days from Spanish warehouse, about 15-25 days from China.
For Korean customers, it will take about 7-10 days from China, please supply your personal clearance code in time on the order.
For other European countries, it will take about 15-25 days shipping from China.
For Israeli client, it may take 20-50 days from China, the shipping time is not very stable, hope for your understanding.
For other questions, welcome to contact with us directly, our customer service will reply you in 24 hours.
3. Why does this battery lighter than original battery?
Answer: This battery is Li-ion battery, and original battery is Ni-Mh battery, they are different styles. The capacity of Li-ion depends on the battery cells, not by their weight, and lighter is one of the advantages of Li-ion battery, so it needn't to worry about their weight is lighter than original battery.
If you want to know more learnings about batteries, welcome to follow our store, we will update the knowledges irregularly.
Strong Warranty: 30 Days warranty, one year warranty

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