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433MHz Universal Wireless Remote Control AC DC 7-32V 220V 2CH Rf Relay Receiver and Transmitter for Garage Door and Gate Control [HAP]

433MHz Universal Wireless Remote Control AC DC 7-32V 220V 2CH Rf Relay Receiver and Transmitter for Garage Door and Gate Control [HAP]

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SKU:1005006144320992-AC DC 7-32V



Frequency 1: 433 MHz ,433.92MHZ

Material: metal and PVC

Name: Universal garage remote receiver

Key words: Universal receiver switch

Type 1: Gate Remote Control Receiver

Type 2: Garage Remote Control Receiver

Voltage: AC/DC 7-32V or AC 85-250V

Chip: Fixed code/learning code and rolling code

Use: Automated curtains

Compatible 1: Aprimatic ACM AVIDSEN

Compatible 2: ATA PTX4 LIFE


Compatible 4: Crawford

Compatible 5: MARANTEC

Compatible 6: HORMANN

Compatible 7: ALUTECH AT-4

Compatible 8: DEA

Remote Control: No battery

Brand Name: Scimagic-RC

Model Number: Universal 433MHZ Garage Door remote control receiver

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

433MHz Universal Garage Receiver 2CH AC/DC 7-32V or AC 85-250V

For 433.92MHz Rolling Code Learning Code Fixed Code Remote Control

Products advantage

1,Can learn Fixed and Rolling code 433,92Mhz remote controls separately and simultaneously !!!
(The product is a general smart receiver and it can be matched with the majority of the wireless receiver in the market, including fixed code (2262, 2260,2264,5326,M1E,M5E etc), learning code (1527, 2240, 6P20B, 6P20D etc). roling code (HCS301,HCS300,HCS200,HCS201,HSC100,HCS1O1 etc) and a part of customized remote controller.)

2,2 channel receiver provides you with an option to control and use 2 gate automations or alarm systems simultaneously

3,The maximum number of remote controllers stored is 400, which is enough for the entire community to use.(using a customised remote control from scimagic)

4,It's very easy to connect it to your control board. All you need is to connect 4 wires between receiver and control panel. If you will need any technical support - i'm always at your service!

5,Three working modes:Momentary, Toggle, Latched .

6,Two voltage options:AC DC 7-32V AC 85-250V


1. Power supply: AC DC 7-32V AC 85-250V
2. Frequency: 433.92Mhz
3. Codes: can work with any fixed/learning/rolling codes
4. 2 channel
5. Working temperature :-40℃- + 80℃
6.Built in Aerial antenna : Reception range 10-50m


Our 433mhz learning code remote control in this link can only be used for our receiver in this link, the receiver in this link can use the remote control model in our compatibility list, if your remote control model is not in our compatibility list, please don't make the purchase, it may not work.

Compatible with multiple brands

such as:

Replace old, add new

You can use it to replace your old receiver, or add our remote control to use.Compatible with many different brands of remote controls

Three working modes:

Inching, Toggle, Latched


1.Learning transmitter’s codes:
Press “learn 1” or “learn 2” for 3 second, the “learn_led” light, then, press the button which you choose on the transmitter till the “learn_led” flash and go out, the transmitter’s code has been stored.
• Repeat the above steps for other transmitters.

2. Clearing Transmitter Codes:
Press "learn 1" or "learn2" and hold for 5 seconds, the "learn_led" indicator will flash and all stored transmitter codes will be cleared.


Specifications Of The Remote Control:

Operating frequency: 433MHz
Power by 23A 12V (Battery not included ),
Material: PVC.
Button: 4 buttons
Encoding type: Learning Code.
Transfers distance: 20-50m

Remote Control:No battery

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