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2022 Underwater Dive Scuba Metal Detector Folding Waterproof Coil Pulse Scan Pinpointer Diving Glod Detecting [MTL]

2022 Underwater Dive Scuba Metal Detector Folding Waterproof Coil Pulse Scan Pinpointer Diving Glod Detecting [MTL]

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Brand Name: shrxy


Origin: Mainland China

Power Type: Battery-Powered

Certification: CE

Model Number: dive Q20

With LCD Screen Or Not: No

Choice: yes

Scuba Metal Detector Folding Waterproof Coil Pulse Scan Pinpointer Diving Glod Detecting



Designed for those who breakthrough the boundaries and redefine the underwater adventure, the SHRXY DIVE Pro is by far the most versatile and portable underwater metal detector we ever made. With a foldable coil Fixture, Scalable handle, and the powerful pulse induction system, the DIVE PRO is the ultimate detector for beach or underwater.It is the upgraded version of the SHRXY dive detector. The oversized 10 x 4 inch coil allows the device to perform at its best underwater and on land.


Is unlike any other pointer on the market. Using the circuit inside the SHRXY dive detector housing.  has excellent proportional response, selectable beeper and/or vibrator, More robust LED light, lanyard loops, longer time battery operation, and a waterproof housing make the SHRXY Dive detector the most excellent pointer on the market.

Please use a new 9V constant voltage battery or rechargeable battery, and do not put it on the table or floor when using it. Keep away from metal objects more than 0.5 meters!!


mode                  SHRXY DIVE PRO Q20

Depth:                 Submersible to 60m/200'

Working Method:        Pulse Induction

Operating Frequency:    95kHz

Tuning:                Automatic or manually (retune)

Indicators:              Audio / Vibration / LED

Temperature range      5° to 158°F (-15° to +70°C)

Target indication:        Beeper, vibrate (selectable)

Target response:         Static

Coil:                  10"x4" / 25.4x10.3cm

Weight:                300g/10.5 oz (no battery)

Size:                  After folding: L:25.5cm, M:10.3cm, H:6cm

Unfolded:   L:46.5cm,

Batteries :            9V, alkaline or Rechargeable Battery (default Not included)

Battery lire:           20 hours typical

Warranty :            1years


1 x GP-Hand Held Metal Detector
1 x User Manual
1 x mesh bag
1 x SET screw accessories
1 x Anti-lost bracelet (umbrella rope)

The battery is not included by default, if you need battery, please select the battery SKU.
Metal detectors can detect most metals, but not all! This is related to the resistance and electromagnetic properties of the metal, and the surface area of the metal. For example, K gold and pure 304 steel cannot be detected. This is a physical property and does not affect the use of metal detectors. Some K gold chains cannot be detected. relevant knowledge it can be inquired, and this is not a product use problem.

2.After use in sea water, soak or rinse in fresh water and dry.
The coil is filled with resin, fully enclosed, and a protective cover is installed, there will be a small amount of water in the gap, just dry it, and it will not affect the use. We reject disputes on this ground.
3.we to do the further escalation, the performance has been greatly improved, In the battery compartment, we add a paper strip seal,in order to prevent the buyer himself to disassemble the product, can not work,Avoid disputes. Please don't try to open it,If you open it,After sale problem. Responsible by the buyer!!!


• This metal detector is waterproof up to 60M/200FT, it can be immersed in 60M/200FT water for 30 minutes, and the best water depth is within 15 meters for long-time working.

• Before powering on the SHRXY DIVE Pro, make sure the angle between handle and coil is larger than 90 degrees, to avoid coil interference. Please do not turn on the device when the coil is folded

• Please do not pull on the coil cable. The casing of the device where the cable is connected is filled with resin, please do not worry about water leakage. When the cable blocks the connecting shaft, please adjust it to the original position.

• Install the anchor ring and attach the lanyard to not lose the detector, especially while detecting under water.

• Make sure the battery cap thread and O rings are free of dust, mud, sediment, etc. Always remember to keep

the end cap thread and O-rings Lubricated with silicone grease to maintain a tight seal.

• Before searching under water or cleaning the detector, make sure that the battery cap is secured tightly, so that no water can get in.

• Always wash your detector in fresh water after each dive. Do not use any chemical cleaners and solvents for

cleaning and/or for any other purpose. Wipe or air the detector dry thoroughly before storing or charging.

• When storing for a long time, please remove the battery inside the device.

• Do not store the detector under extremely low or high temperature for extended periods. (Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C)

If you need special battery for SHRXY metal detector, please click the photo below.

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