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18V 5.0Ah Makita Original With LED lithium ion replacement LXT BL1860B BL1860 BL1850 Makita rechargeable power tool battery 5000 [BAT]

18V 5.0Ah Makita Original With LED lithium ion replacement LXT BL1860B BL1860 BL1850 Makita rechargeable power tool battery 5000 [BAT]

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Brand Name: Makita

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Makita -18V

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Nominal Capacity: 3.0Ah/4.0Ah/5.0Ah/6.0Ah

Type: Li-Ion

Voltage: 18V

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Brand: Makita

Battery type: Li-ion

Nominal Voltage: 18V

Nominal Capacity:3000/4000/5000/6000mAh (3.0Ah/4.0Ah/5.0Ah/6.0Ah)

(not applicable to 10.8V lithium battery) charging!
Alternative battery: 14.4V-18V
Battery charger input: 110 V ~ 240 V general purpose
Battery charger output: 14.4 V to 18 V DC 3A
Compatible battery type: 14.4V, 18V Li ion battery
Charging protection: built in circuit protection to prevent overheating, short circuit, long time charging and detect damaged battery.

Compatible model: 18V bl1815 bl1830 bl1840 bl1845 bl1860 14.4V bl1415 bl1430 bl1440.bl1445 bl1460

1.Latest upgrade circuit board with single cell balance detection function, can make every cell charged and discharged balance, effectively prevent every cell over-charge and over-discharge
2.Built-in memory chip and cpu, can automatically set the battery charging effect, protect the battery
3.Safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating.
4.High quality material case, strong and durable with Shockproof design.
5.LED indicator, can know the remaining power any time.
6.BL1860b Provides up to 2.3 times more run time per charge than the 3.0Ah battery.
7.FCC,RoHS,CE,PSE and TUV certificated.

Replacement Battery Codes:
194204-5 194205-3  194309-1 194230-4  BL1815  BL1830  BL1840 BL1850 BL1860 LXT400

Suitable Power Tools Models:Please enter (CTRL+F) to find your model.
BDF453SHE,BDF454Z,BHP452, BML184, BML185, BST221Z,BTDW251Z,
ML185,TD140D, TW251D, BCS550Z,BDA350 BDA350Z, BDF451, BDF451Z,
BFR550L, BFR550Z,BFR750, BFR750L, BFR750Z,BFS450RFE, BFS450Z,
BGA452, BGA452Z  BHP451SFE, BHP451Z,BHP453, BHP453SHE,BHP454,
BHP454Z, BHR202RFE, BHR202Z, BHR240, BHR240Z, BHR241, BHR241Z

General tool model: for Makita 14.4V/18V lithium battery


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