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SYS VSYS Full Body Waterproof Motorcycle Camera Recorder P6FL Q6L WiFi Dual 1080P Full HD Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam Black GPS Box [CAR]

SYS VSYS Full Body Waterproof Motorcycle Camera Recorder P6FL Q6L WiFi Dual 1080P Full HD Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam Black GPS Box [CAR]

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Color Name
Sd Card Memory


Brand Name: SYS

Placement: Motorcycle Handle

Placement: Motorcycle Head

Placement: Motorcycle Rider

Origin: Mainland China

View angle: 150°

Camera Resolution: 1920*1080

Special Features: G-Sensor

Special Features: cycle recording

Special Features: Time & Date Display

Special Features: MICROPHONE

Special Features: NIGHT VISION

Special Features: DUAL LENS

Special Features: GPS TRACKER

Special Features: Anti Surge Voltage Impact

Special Features: waterproof

Special Features: Real Time Surveillance

Special Features: Cyclic Recording

Special Features: Wide Dynamic Range

Special Features: wifi function

Special Features: Recording Function

Special Features: Super Capacitors

Memory Card Type: MicroSD/TF

Interface: Wi-Fi

Interface: Micro SD/TF

GPS logger: External

Video Format: MOV

Sensor Type: CMOS

Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10

Chipset Manufacturer: MSTAR

Max External Memory: 512G

Display Size: Without Screen

Frames Per Second: 25

Video Code: H.264

Original Package: YES

NOTE: The actual camera that is paired with the Q3D is different from the one shown in the video.



GPS Tracker (Optional)

The standard P6FL/P6FL Pro/Q6L-307 package does not include a GPS tracker. Click on the photo below to buy the GPS tracker separately!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Q3D)

The TPMS notifies you on a 0.96" OLED screen of the wired remote when your vehicle's tyre pressure is low/high or temperature is high (thresholds can be set via the menu). By helping you maintain proper tire pressure and temperature, TPMS can increase your safety on the road by improving your vehicle's handling, decreasing tire wear, reducing braking distance and bettering fuel economy.

* P6FL/P6FL Pro/Q6L-307 doesn't support TPMS feature.

Multi-function OLED Remote Control(Q3D)

The Q3D wired controller, equipped with a 0.96'' OLED screen, empowers you to take full control of your bike while providing valuable insights. When connected with the GPS tracker, Smart Gauge Mode offers comprehensive information such as speed, longitude, latitude, altitude, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, and battery voltage. Moreover, when combined with the included TPMS sensors, the OLED screen on the remote enables real-time monitoring and notifications of tire pressure and temperature. With this intelligent combination, you can stay informed about essential vehicle data and ensure optimal performance and safety during your rides.

The addition of the screen enhances the functionality of the screenless dashcam, making menu settings easily accessible. Simply use the buttons and OLED screen of the wired remote to navigate and effortlessly modify the system menu settings.

* The P6FL/P6FL Pro/Q6L-307 wired remote control doesn't have an OLED screen.

Super Mini Dash Cam

The Q3D is an incredibly compact and super mini-sized dash cam. The main unit measures just 54x54x28mm, which is even smaller than P6FL/Q6L. Its small size also allows for easy installation under the seat of your bike. Additionally, the two separate cameras come with adjustable mounting brackets, facilitating convenient hidden installation on your bike.

24 Hours Parking Monitor (P6FL Pro/Q6L-307/Q3D)

If you connect the power cable to your bike correctly, the DVR will automatically switch to parking mode when your bike is parked and the engine is turned off, acting as a surveillance camera system that automatically records video when it detects bumps or physical movement.
Both front and rear cameras record for 30 seconds after an impact and then shut down to minimize power consumption.

* P6FL doesn't support the parking mode.
* Q3D also supports engine-off recording, which means it will continue to record for the preset duration even when your bike engine is off.

Superb Image Quality & Night Vision

VSYS P6FL features Mstar CPU that records at 30/25 frames per second in 1920x1080 resolution. The built-in Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor, 6-layer all-glass and 150° wide-angle lens provide you superior image quality and wide footage.

VSYS P6FL Pro/Q6L-307/Q3D features Mstar 8339 CPU that records at 25 frames per second in 1920x1080 resolution. The built-in Sony IMX307 CMOS image sensor, 6-layer all-glass and 150° wide-angle lens provide crisp, smooth, and wide footage. The SONY Starvis greatly enhances night vision in the low light environment, making your driving safer at night.

WiFi Connection & GPS Track

The camera has built-in Wi-Fi and video management, so you can easily connect it to the app and access all its features from your mobile device. Whether you want to preview, playback, configure the camera, or download the video files, you can do it all directly from the app.
This camera also features GPS tracking, so you can easily track your route and speed when playing videos on the WiFi app.
The app is available for both iOS and Android. This makes it easy for anyone to use.

* Please note that except for the Q3D, the GPS tracker is sold separately and is not included in the standard package. You can purchase the GPS tracker by clicking on the photo below.

Boost Your WiFi Experience(Q6L-307/Q3D)

Equipped with an external WiFi antenna for Q6L-307 and Q3D, our camera can achieve download speeds of up to 2M per second, allowing you to quickly and easily access and download your videos without any frustrating delays or waiting periods.

*The P6FL/P6FL Pro doesn't have a Wi-Fi antenna.

Remote with Vibration Alert(Q6L-307/Q3D)

Never miss out on recording your adventures again with a built-in vibration module on the remote controller. In case of any camera malfunction, the remote controller will vibrate to alert you. Whether it's an unreadable memory card or a camera that has stopped recording, the vibration detection system will ensure you are always aware of any issues.

Full Body Waterproof Protection

IP67 waterproof design for cameras; IP65 waterproof design for the main unit and other accessories. Whether it's rainy or dusty, it works steadily, recording every moment of your journey.

* Please do NOT flush the main unit, lenses, power module, wired controller and GPS tracker with the high-pressure water gun.

Especially Designed for Bikers

2 channel separated cameras with each standard 2.0 meters extension cable for front and rear view recording. Good stability and friendly operation will let you enjoy the ride.

Hard-Wired Connection

It's hard-wired to the bike. The main unit is mounted under the seat. The separated small camera is fixed with double-sided foam tape and can be fastened with screws. It's easy for hidden installation without being noticed which is different from the helmet or action camera. Horizontal and vertical angles of the lens can be easily adjusted to obtain a better viewing angle.

High/Low-Temperature Resistance

Premium components materials ensure VSYS dash cam can function in temperature from -10℃ - 65℃. This resistance means that you can continue using the it wherever you are. Whether in the hot desert or cold regions, keep recording.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power through motorcycle's battery never need to be charged. No need to worry about charging problem at all. The DVR won't drain the battery.

Automatic Video Recording

The DVR starts automatically with the key ignition and turns off once the bike is not being used.

Up to 256GB Micro SD Card Support

Support maximum 256GB micro SD card (TF card, Class 10) which allows up to 23 hours recording before overwriting.

Powered by Super Capacitor

The DVR is powered by super capacitor instead of a lithium battery. In general, super capacitors are more reliable and offer longer lifespans. Compared to batteries, super capacitors will not expand and swell to ruin the device. It is particularly important if you live in an especially cold and hot location. The benefits outweigh those traditional battery-powered devices. It is for sure worth the improved durability and reliability.

Protect Video Evidence

The dash cam will automatically enter REC Mode after powered on, and it can automatically capture unexpected driving accidents and saves video footage of the collision. Your safety and legal rights are always under protection.
You can also press the emergency button of wired remote to manually activate emergency recording mode to lock the video file you want to lock.

* Video files recorded in emergency mode(G-sensor activation & manual activation) are protected from being overwritten.

Loop Recording

The most important thing about a dashboard camera is saving all of the critical footage for later viewing. While the memory card has limited capacity, we have designed the loop recording function to overwrite the oldest file continuously when the SD card is full, so that your device is constantly recording and you never lose the most recent footage.

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