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MUQZI Bike Fork Mount Car Roof Rack Carriers Adapter Quick Release Thru Axle Carrier Bicycle Fork Mount Car Carry Rack [CAR]

MUQZI Bike Fork Mount Car Roof Rack Carriers Adapter Quick Release Thru Axle Carrier Bicycle Fork Mount Car Carry Rack [CAR]

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SKU:1005005357929462-Black 5-100mm



Brand Name: MUQZI

Capacity (Load): 30kg

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Car Racks

Material: ALLOY

Type: Bike Mount Car Roof Rack Bracket

MUQZI Car Roof Rack

We have six adapters available for quick release 5x100mm, Thru Axle 12x100mm, 15x100mm, 15x110mm, 20x100mm, 20x110mm width Thru Axle fork frame.It can provide security for more bikes during transportation or storage. Suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX, snow bikes, etc.

The length of our fork adapter cover is 17.7 mm. It is longer than the market adapter and has double seal ring design for more solidity. safe and stable, perfect for storage or transportation. Quick release fork bracket can be installed in garage/home/shed/wall etc. for storage. Also can be mounted on car/SUV/truck/van/ or trailer for transporting bikes.

The total length of the hook and loop is about 63cm, which can be extended to fit more wheel sets, and the extra hook and loop can be rolled up for storage or cut off.

Product information:

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black/Red
Front wheel 110x110x80MM
Rear wheel 105x60MM

Small and lightweight.

It can give more bikes
security when transporting or storing

Extended Hook Loop

Longer Hook Loop for all kinds of Wheelset
Extra Hook Loop can be rolled up or cut off

The fork adapter cap is 17.7MM in length.
Longer than those on the market
Stronger diamond-shaped anti-slip pattern design,
Easy to apply force when working.
6 kinds of adapters, suitable for more forks.

Multi-hole Design

Safer and more solid during driving.
The rear adapter has four more holes than the market model
Easy to install on pickup trucks

Buying Tips

Please measure the width of the inner slot of the car Roof Rack before purchase. Whether it matches the T-nut of this product.

Anti slip Design

The rear wheel rack is designed withanti-skid stripes, which is not easy to shake and skewafter installation, making it safer and more secure

Hook and Loop Tape

Easy to fix the crank position, will not moveposition. Prevents damage to the roof of the car.

Installation steps in the car.

1. Fix the screws on the board, then add the adapter
2. Put the front fork of the bike into it.
3. Insert the quick release lever.
4. Tighten the screws and lock the handle.
5. Installation is complete.

Installation steps of car roof.

1. Select the T-nut according to the specification of car Roof Rack,
Tighten the screws after locking, then put in the adapter.
2. Repeat the preceding steps to install T-shaped nuts.
3. Put in the bike and then tighten the quick release lever.
4. Front wheel mount installation is complete
5. Fix the Hook and Loop on the rear wheel
6. Rear wheel mount installation is complete

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